All kinds of marking machine we designed almost have “Automated Link” function, which have I/O contact and adjustment device for installation and orientation, as long as these are connected with Automated peripherals and could achieve the “Marking Automation” performance.

“Automated Marking Module” have “Link” function, could match clients production line, achieving marking automation.

“Automated Marking Module” have expended feature, could expand module depending on requirement and become an Automated system.

  Regarding “High-speed marking machine FDMK-2M” as example, it is demonstrated “Link Automation Function” as left of movie.

Marking Machine FDMK-2M (Automated Marking Module) operates in the workstation, through by “Link Function”, connecting control signal of production equipment to marking machine; it could match operation flow of other workstation and achieve automation purpose.

The following table is showed:
Left column is showed the product with function of “Automated Link Marking Module”.
Right column is showed the “Automated Marking System” products, which are expanded from “Automated Marking Module” (It is explained by our product).
Yulishih Industrial provides related explanation of “Automated Link”, we welcome your call and inquiry.

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