Marking principle Introduction
The print principle of Flat-surface Component
The print principle of flat-surface component:
This printing way is suitable for high-speed CAM type marking machine CMK-2A(B), Dish type marking machine SCMK-1. There have glued-type and combined-type for alphabet mold, it uses rubber relief alphabet mold(see the picture of alphabet mold).
The alphabet mold is installed at the top, soaking-ink roller moving through the bottom of alphabet mold, go back to the origin position, the alphabet mold which soak ink will descent and stamp directly. (see the picture). 
The glued-type alphabet mold adopts rubber alphabet mold, it is attached on the socket of alphabet mold by twin adhesive; The combined-type alphabet mold is that clip the rubber alphabet mold in the socket of alphabet mold which has groove, it is suitable for partial replacement of marking content.
The glued-type alphabet mold adopts high class twin adhesive, the durable operation frequency could be over 300,000 times, it is easy for replacement and will not remain residual glue in marking.
Marking machine
Marking mechanism
Socket of alphabet mold
The glued-type alphabet mold
The combined-type alphabet mold
In labeling matrix, if there have “regular change” marking content, such as batch number, production cycles, could produce this matrix of high-change separately to save matrix production cost.
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