Coating Principle Introduction
The Principle of Coating Machine
The principle of coating machine:
The coating materials are stored in the ink container, rolling-ink roller takes it out, the scraping blade controls its thickness, transferred to coating roller, after the movement stroke of coating roller, the coating materials are coated on the component.
The coating materials are like that Silver Paste, Oil Ink, which are coated by coating machine, no matter what coating area is large or the coating of the distinct demand are very small dimension and multi-space, could control the film thickness to be uniform and the tolerance to be tiny, its adhesion is very good after solidification.
Comparing the cover of coating machine to the cover of general halftone, screen printer usually has an issue of over-glue to cover the independent block in the continuous production process, but coating machine’s advantage is it can cover completely and doesn’t have the issue of over-glue.
Yulishih Coating Machine could be used in the ceramic tubes silver paste coating or cylinder material coating, it can use oil ink or other paint, coating machine also could be used for premier printing in the curved-surface components or flat-surface components; the special structure design of Yulishih coating machine could ensure that many kinds of dimension tolerance and film thickness are controlled to the sate with very high stability and good operability.
Yulishih Coating Machines are divided into two kinds of curved-surface type and flat-surface type. Curved-surface standard type is YLSCT-02A. Coating machine integrates automatic mechanism process, making the coating process at the condition of automation, for example: feed-in by row, detection, coating, pre-dryer and solidification etc., It is high efficiency equipment which soundly shows complete functions.
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